About Us

We are a small community of spiritual practitioners. Venerable Ani Drubgyudma is the Founder and Master Teacher of Flower Dance Temple in Pitcairn, NY and our community in Western, PA.

The Intentions of Flower Dance Temple include, though not limited to, are:

To study and practice the teachings and practices of the mystical contemplative masters and yogic practitioners, and its relevance for human beings living and working in a world of action in the 21st century.

To acknowledge the benefits and practices of the world religions as valuable means for creating and maintaining peace and harmony for self, others, and culture, as well as for the earth and the cosmos.

To practice, research, and teach the various formative approaches to, and practices of, an altruistic transformative spirituality of body, soul and spirit.

To model an ecological awareness that promotes creative and sustainable environments in light of the Principles of Permaculture.

To foster ecumenical and inter-religious dialogues in light of the contemplative mystical and yogic traditions.

To give witness to a Formative Spirituality in light of self, culture, and nature.