Flower Dance Temple, a small forest sanctuary located on 10 acres bordering hundreds of state forest wilderness acres, is situated in the foothills of the Northwestern Adirondack Region in Pitcairn NY. 

Our sanctuary is where the beauty of nature manifests. Here the challenging yet healing atmosphere of the mountain forest wilderness may be experienced in a unique way.

Butterfly & Wildflowers

An aspect of understanding our humanity is the appreciation that we are of the same nature as earth, water, fire, and air. This appreciation leads to the insight of our inter-connection and inter-dependence with all sentient beings and our essential nature. 
Awareness of inter-dependence gives rise to an inner acceptance of a personal ethical responsibility that one has to self, others, and nature in the co-creation of harmony and compassion on planet earth in light of an altruistic transformative spirituality.
We offer outdoor small group gatherings, as well as formative spiritual teachings and practices in light of daily living when off and on the cushion, and personal guidance/formative spiritual direction.
(Harsh weather and road conditions are considerations in terms of visits and participation.)
Flower Dance Temple (aka Chojung Dorje Ling) was established and incorporated as a religious, educational and charitable nonprofit and tax-exempt organization pursuant to the NYS Religious Corporation Law in March 2004 in St. Lawrence County NY. Donations are tax-deductible.